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What is Zirconium Veneering?

Zirconium is a white alloy used as a substitute for the base metal of the porcelain teeth. Zirconium is very well compatible with porcelain. The most important feature is that it cannot be exposed to corrosion.

In metal-supported porcelain systems, the imitation of natural teeth cannot be fully achieved due to the lack of light transmittance and the graying of the gingival over time.

Zirconium is white in color and transparent to light, so it appears like natural tooth. Zirconium is non-allergic and tissue friendly. It perfectly fits to the cut teeth and gingiva. Since there is no gap between the cut tooth and zirconium, no cavities are allowed. Thus, zirconium teeth will last longer.

Thanks to the heat insulation feature, it does not create hot-cold sensitivity in the teeth.

Thanks to its unique adaptation to porcelain, it enhances the durability and stability of the porcelain teeth. It results in minimum porcelain teeth fractures.

Zirconium teeth are used for;

  • Restoration of teeth with excessive loss of material

  • For advanced colored teeth

  • Dislocated or less intricate teeth where orthodontic treatment is not preferred

  • Implant supplements

  • A more aesthetic smile 

Advantages of zirconium teeth;

  • No corrosion

  • Resistant

  • White color

  • Is permeable to light

  • Perfect alignment with porcelain

  • Ability to mask tooth color from underneath

  • Texture friendly

  • Full compliance with your gums.

  • Not being allergic

  • Completely adapts the cut teeth

  • Do not create hot-cold sensitivity

  • Long life

Zirconium veneering treatment is painless under local anesthesia. After 5-days treatment, you will have a perfect smile.

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