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Rhinoplasty | More Things You Should Know About

Noses are one of if not the most effective part that makes our faces pop. They significantly impact the overall beauty of the face. That is why Rhinoplasty or Aesthetical Nose Surgery is very common.

It is important to note that Rhinoplasty is not an operation that is significantly preferred for aesthetical reasons. Rhinoplasty is also common for functional reasons, such as fixing a broken nose or helping people breathe more comfortably.

Most men's and most women's reasons for getting a Rhinoplasty usually differ. It has been seen that most men want a Rhinoplasty for size reasons. If the nose is too big, they want to keep the shape but reduce the size so that it fits the face while not taking the immediate attention due to its size. For women, they usually want a natural looking beatiful nose and size is not that big of a priority.

Rhinoplasty is done for people who are not only physicly but mentally stable people who are unhappy with their noses. Rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons in early adolescence can be done but it is very controversial. Scientificly, adolescent people's nose cartilege might be harmed since the nose's development is not finished. While it can depend on the person, it is okay for women that are 15-16 and men that are 17-18 to get a Rhinoplasty since their nose would be fully developed approximately at that age. There is no upper age limit for the operation.

Rhinoplasty patients have three major expectations. Their nose being beautiful, their ability to breathe comfortably and not having bruises on their nose.

Experts think that analyzing the face beforehand is important. Before the operation there is a special planning process. Afterwards, when the nose that is specificly designed for the person, the operation is done. It is not preferred to give a long and wide face a tiny nose and vice versa.

It is advised for the patient to quit smoking for a while before the operation since coughing and phlegm that are caused by cigarettes might be dangerous with the anaesthesia.

It is advised to get your nose surgery in cooler seasons since it is important to protect your nose from sunlight and excessive sweating.

Tilting your head forward might be dangerous after the operation so it is important to make sure your face is hold straight.

It is important to avoid swimming pools for 2 months. If it is summer the patient can swim at the sea after a month. Diving should be avoided, for pressure reasons.

After two months the patient can start wearing glasses again, provided the glasses are light. If they are heavy it might take three months.

It is important to keep the nose moist with nose sprays.

Basketball or football or other sports that include a ball should be avoided because of danger reasons.

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