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Reasons to Consider Turkey for Your Medical Operations

Turkey is a beautiful country with stunning sceneries and its heart-warmingly hospitable people. Travelling to Turkey for your Medical Operation will grant you a delightful memory you will cherish your entire life.

Okay but why Turkey specificly?

1- Money

Turkish Lira has a very high conversion rate to popular currencies like Pound, Euro and Dollar. This makes Turkey a popular choice for tourists since everything is easier to afford.

2- Expertise

Hundreds of thousands people visit Turkey every year for the world-class services provided at very low costs. Turkish hospitals are accredited for their latest and most up-to-date technologies. Turkey was ranked third by International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) in their Medical Tourism guide, following U.S and South Korea. While providing same level quality, Turkey is significantly cheaper, which makes it a great choice for Travel.

3- Waitlists

One other major benefit is skipping the long waitlists at home. Turkey has no waitlists, you can get the service you need, at the time you desire.


Most medical tourists who come to Turkey for their operations choose to extend their stay in order to see the historical and natural beauty all around. As a nation with deep historical roots, Turkey is a great place to visit.

With 8&SAFE, you will feel the comfort and trust immediately when you meet us in person. You will be preliminary interviewed by our doctor in our London office and your tailor-made trip will be organized in collaboration with our surgeons in Turkey. We only partner with clinics that met our qualifications and share our commitment to excellence and ethical practices.

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