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Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction Surgeries

In our day and age, there are a lot of false informations and misconceptions going around on the internet. Breast Surgeries can not escape this either. Most people are afraid of surgeries because of the heavy fog of false information clouding what is actually true. We've prepared misconceptions and the realities of them for you so you have a better idea about Breast Surgeries moving forward.

X Silicone prosthetics should be replaced every 10 years with new ones.

O In Breast Augmentation, fifth generation prosthetics are used. Fifth generation prosthetics are special in that the gel layer inside protects the shape of the prosthetic. With the usage of prosthetics that protect the shape of itself, problems that happen because of the deformation of the prosthetic like malformation in breasts or silicone leak happens much less. Therefore, with the new kinds of prosthetics, there is no expiry date.

X I can not breastfeed if I had a Breast Surgery.

O In Breast Augmentation, the prosthetics are placed under the mammary gland where lactiferous duct (the canals in which milk is transfered) or under the pectoral muscle beneath the mammary gland. Therefore there is nothing that prevents breastfeeding. In Breast Lift, if the person has enough breast tissue, breast lift is done using it. If the person does not have enough breast tissue, prosthetics are used and the lift is done over them. Both situations are not an impediment for breastfeeding. In Breast Reduction, the technique of the Breast Reduction is chosen with protecting the lactiferous duct in mind.

Most women can breastfeed after Breast Reduction. If the breasts are too big, in rare cases, the link between lactiferous duct and the nipple can't be protected, and that very little amount of women can't breastfeed after Breast Reduction.

X There are tons of scar marks left after Breast Reduction.

O Breast Reduction's main goal is to provide the patient with the breasts that are suitable for their body, so some scars might be left. After the operation, with the help of creams and silicone gels, the scarring can be minimized. Usually, the patients with the greatest results are Breast Reduction patients.

X I don't need a mammography before Breast Surgeries.

O Every person who wants to get a Breast Surgery should be questioned about their family's history with breast cancer. Patients above 35 are asked to get a mammography. It gives the patient the advantage of comparing before and after results if the patient gets another mammography in the future. Mammography also helps the doctors see if there is a possibility of breast cancer, and help it in the earliest stages. Especially if close female relatives like the mother, the aunt or the sister have a history with breast cancer, it is recommended even for patients below 35. It is also important to note that breast implants do not prevent diagnosing breast cancer.

X Breast Prosthetics start leaking after some time.

O Leaking was encountered more often in prosthetics that are filled with Saline solution. However, today, Saline solution prosthetics are not used. The fifth gen. prosthetics we use today are different. The leakage is very rare and there is an external part of the prosthetic that protects the breast from the leaking. This is called silent rupture. It rarely ever leaks in the breast.

X I can choose the shape of my breast prosthetic.

O The shape of the prosthetic is chosen by the doctors with the size and shape of the breasts, the formation of the ribcage, whether or not the patient is a professional athlete or not in mind. Breastfeeding plays a part in this. A woman who breastfed and a woman who has not breastfed have different breast structures, therefore different prosthetics are required.

X I got a Breast Augmentation surgery, so my breasts won't be saggy in the future.

O In women who have B cup or above breasts, sagginess of the breasts might be seen with age. The placement of the prosthetic will not change but the breast tissue might hang over the prosthetic. If you want to prevent it, Breast Lift is advised.

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