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Gynaecomastia | Why Does It Happen?

One out of eighteen men have gynaecomastia and it is getting more and more common. Biggest reasons include unhealthy eating habits and inactivity.

Gynaecomastia, also known as growing of breast tissue in men, can happen on one side only, although it most often happens on both sides. Inactivity, imbalance or inadequecy in your diet might cause it.

Carbohydrates increase the insulin in the body and it causes the body to store fat. A big chunk of the stored fat goes into the breast tissue in men. Inactivity caused by things such as desk jobs and/or eating unhealthy will prevent the fat from being burned and the fat continues to grow in size.

There are three major points in men's lives that cause gynaecomasty. Firstly, the firstborn period. Gynaecomastia is seen in 70% of the newborn boys because of the estrogen from the mother. However, it mostly goes away. Secondly, adolescence. Especially the period in which the transition from a child to a teenager happens. In this period gynaecomastia happens because of the chemical imbalances between estrogen and testosterone. 50 to 60% of people encounters this. It mostly goes away on most people, however it might not. If it does not go away it is advised to wait for the person to reach 18 before any sort of treatment or surgery.

The third and last period is old age. It can be seen in %70 of men.

The chance of having gynaecomastia increases with age. After consulting with the doctor, if it is deemed necessary, surgical treatments are advised. The breasts might not only be uncomfortable, but also they can be painful and lumpy. It also impacts the person's psyche negatively.

If you visit a gynaecomastia clinic for treatment, you will give blood and hormonal tests. If it is needed, USG, MR or BT might be done. If the examinations conclude that there are no underlying conditions, surgery is advised.

In Gynaecomastia surgery, the fat tissue is removed with liposuction. There are no incisions. Only very small spots that are open for the liposuction canules to be inserted. If the breast tissue is too big, it might need other solutions such as laser liposuction or the removal of the mammary gland.

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