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Five Things Most People Don't Know About Hair Transplantation

1- An Unsuccessful Operation Not Only Looks Bad; But Also It Is Dangerous

It is important to choose your doctor well. Hair Transplantation is considered to be a relatively easy operation, however, if it is not done properly certain complications might arise. Wrong and inexperienced practices might cause not only a bad look, but also pain, oedema, inflammation, bleeding, et cetera.

2- Contrary To Popular Belief; Many Women Get Hair Transplantation Too

The reasons behind Hair Loss in women might differ from that of men's. Hormonal problems, thyroid, b12 deficiency, folic acid deficiency, polycystic ovary syndrome, cushing syndrome can be reasons behind Hair Loss for women.

3- The Original Hair Might Keep Falling Out With Time

The rate of success and the over-all look of the new hair depends on the quality of the hospital and the doctor. After your surgery, the hairs that were planted will fall out, but it is normal. They will grow back healthily. However, hair on the other sides of your head might continue losing hair. You can get hair transplants on that side of your head too.

4- Vitamin Deficiencies Play A Big Part In Hair Loss

Hairs and Nails are the parts that are most directly affected by vitamin deficiences in our body. Vitamins, minerals and aminoacids play a very important part in the quality of the hair. Especially zinc, biotin and iron. Diets including those to provide a good care for your hair is advised. Apart from the vitamins that are applied to your hair in the clinic, we also give you vitamin pills. Having a healthy balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins is a very important factor too.

5- Some Patients Can Not Get A Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has no age limit. If the patient does not have a limiting problem like a heart problem, the operation can be done safely. However, some people can not get a hair transplantation. People with Hepatitis C, people who are HIV positive and people with similar contagious diseases can not get a hair transplantation, unfortunately. Also, people who are on chemotherapy can not get a hair transplantation either.

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