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Discover The Services We Provide in Our Rehabilitation Clinic

Our clinic works hard to keep up with the latest scientific innovations and new technologies.

Our main interest is our brains' capacity of learning and healing. This is called ''neuroplasticity'' in medical literature.

Neuroplasticity has been a ground-breaking thing in healing lots of diseases and conditions that have neurological roots. This is why Neuroplasticity is also regarded as ''miraculous healing of the brain''.

We are working with world-class firms who produce best devices that help with the rehabilitations of neurological illnesses.

1- Comprehensive Inpatient Treatment

After a stroke or a brain, nerve or spine relating incident, some patients might lose their capability of moving, balance, swallowing or talking. We provide services that help you regain your functional abilities with our comprehensive physiotherapy and other services.

2- Stroke Treatments

Our comprehensive Stroke Treatments include walking, usage of their arms and legs, self-care, talking, swallowing, eating, getting back to working and similar other things. Throughout your healing process, robotic healing and rehabilitation; robotic healing physiotherapy helps the patient greatly.

3- Brain Damage Treatments

Patients who visit our clinic because of brain damage, first go through a brain surgery/acute intensive care units in neurorehabilitation and robotic treatment centers. The most important thing for the wellness and healing of the patient is starting the treatment early.

4- Treatments After Brain Tumor

Most patients who have Brain Tumor Surgery gets a lot better functionally. However; because of the damage the tumor left in the brain, patients face the risk of developing brain oedema or having similar reactions to people who have had a stroke. With our constantly developing technology the risk decreases but it never drops to 0%. So, you must get an examination with a professional Physiotherapist doctor after a Brain Tumor Surgery.

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