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Bariatric Surgery | Frequently Asked Questions | F.A.Q | Part Two!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Welcome back to our blog. The other day we shared questions and answers about Bariatric Surgery and Sleeve Gastrectomy. Today, we are continuing to answer your questions.

If you haven't seen the last post, you can click here to see the first part of this post.

Q: How long do I need to take vitamins after Bariatric Surgery?

A: Your blood tests are carefully reviewed and your doctor might include vitamins depending on your blood tests. It might take up to 2 years of vitamin taking.

Q: Will my skin hang after I lose weight with Bariatric Surgery?

A: It might, however, if you start exercising after 2 weeks of the surgery, you can minimize the hanging.

Q: Are the operations I have before Bariatric Surgery important?

A: You must share every operation and surgery you've had with your doctor even if they are 10 and more years ago. It is very important for the doctor to know a lot about your medical history.

Q: When can I go back to my regular life after Bariatric Surgery?

A: It might depend on person to person. Around 4 to 7 days you will be discharged.

Q: When is it safe for me to get pregnant after Bariatric Surgery?

A: Pregnancy is not advised until after a year from your Bariatric Surgery. After a year, you can get pregnant with close communication with your gynaecologist.

Q: If I visit Turkey for my Bariatric Surgery, when can I fly back home?

A: It is okay to fly on a plane after you get discharged from the hospital.

Q: When can I go swimming after Bariatric Surgery?

A: You can go swimming after 3 weeks from your Bariatric Surgery.

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