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Bariatric Surgery | Frequently Asked Questions | F.A.Q

Obesity is a chronic disease affecting quality of life negatively and increases the risk of death. Bariatric surgery treats comorbid metabolic diseases as well as obesity, and increases survival.

Bariatric surgery is effective as it decreases absorption and gastric volume, and also the hormonal and neural signals reducing the feeling of hunger.

Q: How long will it take me to get prepared for my Bariatric Surgery?

A: All your examinations and appointments are organized by our crew. The preparations start on a day you pick with your doctor. It mostly starts at morning hours and approximately takes 3 to 4 hours. You will be accompanied by our crew throughout the process.

Q: Will I stay in Intensive Care Unit after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: Most of our patients do not need to stay in ICU. Rarely, some high-risk patients might need to stay in ICU.

Q: Will I need a companion with me after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: After your Bariatric Surgery, having a companion alongside you might help you feel better. However; if you do not have a companion, do not worry. Our crew will happily be supporting you.

Q: Will I experience a lot of pain after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: You might feel occasional minimal pain 2 to 3 hours after Sleeve Gastrectomy. It is intervened immediately with injecting pain-killers through vascular access.

Q: When can I start working again?

A: If you're a working a desk job, you can start working again after a week. If you're job requires more intense efforts, it is advised to wait 15 days.

Q: When can I shower after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: You can have a shower on the day you are discharged. It is important to make sure that your wound is kept dry.

Q: When will I start losing weight after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: After your Sleeve Gastrectomy, if you follow the guidelines provided by your doctor, you will lose approximately %10 to %20 of your body weight in the first month. The goal is to lose approximately %80 of your excess fat in a year.

Q: Will I need to get my stitches removed after Bariatric Surgery?

A: Thanks to the advances in health industry, Subcuticular sutures are being used. You will not need to get them removed, they dissolve on their own.

Q: Can I smoke after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: It is advised to abstain from smoking for a month after your operation. It will help your wounds to heal faster and it will help prevent infection.

Q: Can I drink coffee after my Bariatric Surgery?

A: It is advised to not drink coffee for a month following your Bariatric Surgery.

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