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Male Health Check Up Program

Early Diagnosis Saves Lives!​

While you are feeling well, you may believe that going to the hospital, seeing your doctor, or undergoing testing is unnecessary. Everyone, however, is exposed to a number of health dangers. Health risks can be determined by a variety of factors ranging from personal habits to a familial tendency (e.g., family members with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.). Check-ups have a critical role in the early detection of diseases in this situation. Spending a few hours getting a check-up can provide you all the information you need about your health and help you avoid significant health problems.

What are the benefits of having a check-up with 8 & Safe?

  • The check-up results are analyzed face to face with great attention and diligence.

  • Laboratories are awarded with ISO 15189 certification.

  • If needed, a translator can be supplied for international patients.

  • Exams, blood tests, and EKGs are all performed in specifically dedicated check-up facilities.

  • The results of the examination and the doctor's report are digitally recorded.

  • During the procedure, patients are accompanied by a check-up official.

  • Private VIP lounges are available within the hospital's check-in area.

Program Details


Laboratory Examinations

Radiological Examinations

  • Check Up Examination

  • Cardiologic Examination

  • Gynecological Examination

  • Dental Examination

Cardiological Examination

  • ECG**

  • Stress ECG*

  • Glucose, Fasting

  • Whole Blood Count(Expanded panel)

  • Cholesterol, Total

  • Cholesterol, HDL

  • Cholesterol, LDL

  • Triglycerides

  • PSA, Total***

  • Creatinine

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone( TSH)

  • HBsAg

  • Anti-HBs



  • Urinalysis

  • Occult Blood, Stool

  • Chest x-ray Posterior/Anterior

  • Panoramic film

  • Full Abdomen Ultrasonography

*Stress ECG will only be provided to people over 40 years old by doctor recommendation.

** ECG will only be provided to people under 40 years old by doctor recommendation.

***PSA, Total test is to be applied to people under 40 years old by doctor recommendation