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Female Health Check Up Program

Early Diagnosis Saves Lives!​

The diagnosis of fibrosis and cirrhosis in chronic liver disease has historically relied on a liver biopsy.
However, a liver biopsy is invasive and can result in consequences, as well as considerable observer and sampling error.
Several noninvasive imaging approaches for assessing liver fibrosis have been developed in recent years. An ultrasonic-based technology called transient elastography (FibroScan) is an accurate and safe method of measuring the severity of fibrosis in chronic liver disease.

What are the benefits of having a check-up with 8 & Safe?

  • The check-up results are analyzed face to face with great attention and diligence.

  • Laboratories are awarded with ISO 15189 certification.

  • If needed, a translator can be supplied for international patients.

  • Exams, blood tests, and EKGs are all performed in specifically dedicated check-up facilities.

  • The results of the examination and the doctor's report are digitally recorded.

  • During the procedure, patients are accompanied by a check-up official.

  • Private VIP lounges are available within the hospital's check-in area.

Program Details


Laboratory Examinations

Radiological Examinations

  • Gastroenterologist

  • CBC

  • HBsAg

  • Anti HbsAg

  • Anti HCV 

  • AST

  • ALT

  • GGT

  • ALP

  • Total Bilirubin

  • Direct bilirubin

  • FibroScan

  • Abdominal USG