Image by Alexander Krivitskiy


What is Invisalign?

The latest technology, Invisalign, is a brace-free orthodontic treatment applied in order to correct teeth with a series of transparent plates (aligner) tailor made for each patient. It is used in the treatment of orthodontic problems such as uneven teeth, intermittent teeth, crossing and deep closing. The number of plaques to be used and the duration of treatment vary according to the degree of tooth unevenness. After using a number of plaques, the teeth are recovered.

Who should consider getting Invisalign?

Anyone who wants to straighten their teeth could get the Invisalign treatment. Advantages of invisalign plates are as follows; they are transparent, removable, personal, effective, painless, comfortable and safe. It requires less control sessions than others and has shorter treatment durations. Invisalign is an effective method of moving teeth from day one.

How is an Invisalign Treatment done?

Before starting invisalign treatment, the teeth should be cleaned, the tooth decay must be treated, and all maintenance procedures in the mouth should be finished. The size of the teeth are taken using special silicones and transferred to the computer environment by 3-D scanning method. In the virtual environment, your teeth are simulated and your treatment plan is created. At the end of the treatment, the patient will see how their teeth will look in 3D models. This allows the design of the desired smile design.

According to the treatment plan, invisalign transparent plates are produced in series at the position where the teeth are to be moved. Transparent plates that are changed every 15 days provide 0.5 mm movement of the teeth.

What kinds of plates are used in an Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign plates do not contain any harmful substances. It can be used safely even in pregnancy. Plates are quite comfortable because there is no metal to irritate the mouth and gingiva. There is no pricking or scarring. There is no negative effect to talk. 

How often should you wear your Invisalign plates?

Transparent plates should be used for 20 hours a day. It is recommended that you only take it off when you eat, drink something hot and containing sugar or while brushing your teeth. Transparent plaques that are not visible by anyone and can be easily removed. The plates are cleaned daily by brushing with warm water.

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