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Quality You Can Rely On

  • Our hair transplant process is carried out by our doctors. 

  • Our experienced hair transplant teams follow all the innovations in this area.

  • All risks are assessed and the risks specific to the person before planting minimized to near zero.

  • Hair transplant operations are performed under sterile conditions in the operating environment   

  • The punches used are made to measure in different sizes are chosen according to the characteristics of one piece and the hair of a person unlike most other centers. Therefore, the hair roots (grafts) are not damaged when removed.

  • IceCell® solution using for the hair follicles (grafts) are provided both lose their vitality as well as the nutritional causes of the graft.

  • All details are considered to be healthier because during the process of hair transplant telescopic glasses are used. In particular it will be a rare image in the neck with the hair follicles of the donor area during the appropriate distribution ratio will avoid the formation of the harvest graft.

  • Special sapphire blades are used to grooving. The faster healing process is provided with grooving ends of different sizes. In addition, the 95% success rate of the cultured graft increases the maximum rate.

  • The silicone tipped clips used during hair transplant hair follicles (grafts) prevent damage.

  • Through the support of GF (Growth Factor) and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss is stopped, ensuring the formation of viable, voluminous and stronger hairs. 

  • Quick recovery period

  • A hair transplant operation is performed without the pain, swelling and bruising on the face

  • The naturel and dense hair

  • 100% of patient satisfaction

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