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Hair Transplantation

The main cause of hair loss although the genetic causes in men are the hormonal causes in women. Other major causes of hair loss include stress, hormonal disorders, diseases, aging and excessive consumption of cigarettes.

A regional loss occurs in men, a reduction seen in volume with a common loss of hair in women. 

The most effective method for the treatment of hair loss is hair transplantation, also called planting. Although there are several methods of hair transplantation the most effective method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). 

The most important advantages of FUE method compared to other methods does not harm the hair roots (grafts) and it leaves no trace. 

The hair transplant should be done by the doctors the sterile chambers carried out in accordance with the provisions of the necessary conditions because it is a surgical procedure. 

Prior to planting, patients with systemic examination by a physician. According to the results of the inspection patients who are eligible for the hair transplant is carried out blood tests and therefore begins to plant hair. 

The first process is to determine the front linein the hair transplant. The front line is important because it provides an accurate analysis of the bald area to both the scalp and provides both a natural appearance. The front line is defined and specified as a result of special measures. Then the tonsure must be raised and the boundaries of the field determined or the plantation applied. Thus, more accurate and more frequent hair transplant is performed. 

After determining the front line, the scalp temporarily bruised using local anesthesia by a doctor. The grafts, removed without damaging the hair follicle with a special punch by using micromotor through the telescopic glassesof the donor area (the nape of the hair follicles taken). Removal of the hair root (grafts) which is based on the number of bristles (1,2,3,4,5) grouped stacked. 

Transplants continue viability in the IceCell® solution and awaiting the cool-pack petri table. 

On the one hand, while continuing to process the number of grafts, on the other hand, the planting zone is open towards the channel. We open the canals in different sizes according to the width will be planted with a special point of the hair follicle (graft). Special sapphire blades are used. Grooving of the seeding part is complete, the last step of the hair transplant process.  The roots of the hair (grafts) obtained are placed in slots without damage by means of the silicone tipped clips and the telescopic glasses. 

In hair transplantation our basic principle is to provide a natural and dense look. 

The hair transplant process takes time an average of five (5) hours. When the hair transplant process is finished first hair washing is done with nourishing lotion and shampoo after 48 hours. This washing is repeated for ten (10) days including once a day. (To all patients and their relatives "Hair washing after hair planting" is taught in practice and given a video CD on this subject.)

Some of the transplanted hair begins to pour between 10 days and 30 days after planting. After the 90thday begins to develop again from the 170thday, the patients recover the natural and dense hair. In one year there is a 10% increase in transplanted hair. 

The hair will never fall, the transplant will last until the end of life. 

GF (Growth Factor) and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are applied with hair transplant to stop the loss that continues, strengthen the existing hair and hair after the planting more powerful, to be bulky.

Considerations After Hair Transplantation

  • The scalp should be protected from trauma specially within the first 10 days

  • Reducing cigarette consumption for the first 10 days

  • Wash your hair regularly and do it well

  • Do not do very heavy sports during the first 45 days

  • Do not leave your head under water while swimming during the first 45 days

  • Do not wear a helmet during the first 45 days

  • Do not drive a motorcycle during the first 45 days

  • 90 first days should not be shaving the machine, use shaving scissors.

What to Look For Choosing a Hair Transplant Center?

  • The hair transplant is a surgical procedure must be performed by the doctor. Doctor in the essential process of hair transplantation is an absolutism to prevent possible complications to eliminate the risks of both hair transplantation procedures and local anesthetics,

  • The room will be made of the hair transplant procedure must be taken to be sterile,

  • It is necessary to pay attention to details such as a cheap price and the number of transplants pronounced. Graft is a number criteria that vary by person.