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Genetic Check Up Program

Early Diagnosis Saves Lives!​

By deciphering your genetic codes, you will be able to learn about your susceptibility to specific diseases, your genes that may be passed down to your children, medication that is suited or not for you, and your unique diet and exercise requirements to maintain an optimum weight and form. Experts develop and analyze "Personal Genetic Reports" based on a two-stage analysis using Genetic Check-up under the Personal Genetic Health Program. In this program, professionals give individualized recommendations under "Genetic Consultancy Service" to assist you learn about your genes that may be passed down to your offspring, the medication that is effective or ineffective on you, and your susceptibility to specific diseases.

What are the benefits of having a check-up with 8 & Safe?

  • The check-up results are analyzed face to face with great attention and diligence.

  • Laboratories are awarded with ISO 15189 certification.

  • If needed, a translator can be supplied for international patients.

  • Exams, blood tests, and EKGs are all performed in specifically dedicated check-up facilities.

  • The results of the examination and the doctor's report are digitally recorded.

  • During the procedure, patients are accompanied by a check-up official.

  • Private VIP lounges are available within the hospital's check-in area.

Program Details

What is tested?

  • Disease  Susceptibility  (Multifactorial Disorders)

  • Genetic Diseases Carrier State

  • Personal Response to Drugs (10 Drugs)