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What is a Face Lifting Surgery?

Face is a whole and it should be consistent. Face Lifting surgery helps with the complications that happen to our faces as life goes on. It is the most effective and permanent operation in face aging.

Who should consider getting a Face Lift?

This surgery is mostly preferred by men and women over 40. In time, eyebrows may hang, forehead lines may become evident, chaps may hang, chin contours may lapse, deep lines may occur around mouth and nose. Skin gets thinner, wrinkled and wilting. Face Lift will make you look younger. Aging related hanging and wrinkles disappear after face lifting surgery. 

How is Face Lifting surgery done?

During face lifting surgery, muscles and fat tissue are fastened upwards, excess skin is cut and removed. Thus subdermal skin is stretched. This operation is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts around 3 hours. Specially designed face masks are to be worn for 15 days after the surgery.

Does Face Lifting surgery leave scars?

Slight marks under scalp, temporal sides and behind ears might be seen.

With Face Lift, you can go back to your youth and be bright and vibrant again. Consider getting a Face Lift in Turkey, with Turkey Medical Travel.