Image by Victoria Strukovskaya

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is an operation at which silicon prosthetics are used to get the breasts to the desired size and shape. There are couple of methods for breast augmentation. The most preferred and the long lasting method is augmentation with a silicon. It can be done by aquafilling or lipofilling as well but they are effective for a short period of time. 

Who should consider getting a Breast Augmentation? 

Breasts are a sign of femininity for women. Their being small or asymmetrical results in loss of self-reliance. Thus the size and symmetry of breasts are extremely important. If you are unhappy with your breasts, Breast Augmentation helps you get comfortable in your body, increasing your self-confidence.

How is a Breast Augmentation done?

Skin is cut for around 5 centimetres in order to put the prosthetics, under general anaesthesia. From this cut, prosthetics can be put at the back of the pectoral muscle. Surgery lasts for 2 hours. At the first day after the surgery, breast area hurts with oedema and tightness. Patients can turn back to their daily routine on the 3rd day. Patients are to use a sports bra for a month following the operation.

For patients who are over 40, radiological examinations -mammography and if needed, ultrasonography scans- are performed before the surgery.

What kinds of prosthectics can be used?

There are 2 types of breast prosthetics: round and anatomical. Prosthetics can be put from the baseline of the breast, arm pit or nipples. Position, type and size of the prosthetics are determined regarding the desire of the patient, status of the breast, length, weight and the shape of the rib cage. Prosthetics are anti-allergic and they have no side effects. They do not prevent us from being pregnant or breast-feeding. Breasts with prosthetics do not cause any problems in mammography. Prosthetics can only be torn if a very serious traffic accident or stab wound occurs.

Does Breast Augmentation leave scars?

Mostly, baseline of the breast is chosen so that a small mark is left under the breast itself.

Breast Augmentation will get you the breasts you have always wanted. It will make you feel confident and get you a lot of positive attention. Consider getting a Breast Augmentation in Turkey with Turkey Medical Travel.