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Who We Are

We are a medical travel organisation that provides 5-star service to UK patients who want to be treated in the most luxurious way at the most affordable prices in Turkey. Our passion is translated into our professionalism and 5-star care is always provided to our patients. Our mission is to create a luxurious environment of affordable care without sacrificing quality, safety, or experience.

Quality has been our priority from the beginning, we ensure the highest standards and set the benchmark for patient satisfaction on regular basis. We are dedicated to excellence and to the needs of our clients. Our company is proud to be in close collaboration with the most recognised clinics in Turkey. We offer the highest quality care in a comfortable environment.

Our doctors use the best treatment techniques and equipment to make you feel comfortable during and after treatment.

With 8&SAFE, you will feel the comfort and trust immediately when you meet us in person. You will be preliminary interviewed by our doctor in our London office and your tailor-made trip will be organized in collaboration with our surgeons in Turkey. We only partner with clinics that met our qualifications and share our commitment to excellence and ethical practices.